My New Hobby: Wine and Canvas

I recently discovered I love to paint. That is when I have a glass of wine next to me :).   If you are like me and you think that painting is not for you, please reconsider that. This is coming from a person who can’t even draw a nice circle but I love to paint and my painting come out looking great.

Sunset drawing
My dad loved it so much that he hung it in our living room…how cool is that 🙂

Now you’re probably wondering what is this girl talking about. What I am about to show is my first painting EVER. Yes, as an amateur and a first time painter/artist (LOL) I love love love what I created. Well, let me tell you that Wine and Canvas is one of my new favorite places to go for date night with my boyfriend or even with the girls.  I remember after we painted this, my boyfriend and I met up with some friends and they were having such a hard time believing that we painted these awesome pictures. Needless to say everyone wanted to go and try for themselves.  Of course, we went back for what Wine and Canvas calls “Date Night”, where two people work together to create one painting. This is easier said than done.  If we actually cared about the turn out of our painting, my boyfriend and I had to work together to make sure the two canvases matched.  So here is what we did and the end result.   

Coconut chocolate chip cookies

For my first post I decide to make my all time favorite cookies but with an added twist.  I like to consider these cookies as a “healthy alternative” to regular chocolate chip cookies since there is no BUTTER.  That’s right, these are made with coconut oil and they taste oh so good.  While at it, I decided to add some coconut flakes for some texture.

 Coconut chocolate chip cookies 2 Coconut chocolate chip cookies