Thumbprint Jam Cookies

 Do you remember going to Knott’s Berry Farm as a kid and always coming home with bags and bags of jam cookies? That was one of my favorite parts of visiting Knott’s Berry Farm. I loved those cookies as a kid and I can definitely say that I still love it as an adult. The only difference now is that I prefer to make jam cookies at home with whatever flavor jam I want. 

Sweetheart Sugar Cookies

As we all know Valentine’s day is all about love. Every year I like to give something sweet to my family and friends to make them feel extra special on this day. This year I decided to bake sugar cookies that will make everyone’s hearts smile. When you bite into one of these cookies, at first you get a nice crunch in your mouth and on the first chew your mouth realizes how soft and decadent it actually is.

Moist Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

Hi Everyone,

In honor of Valentine’s Day I decided to make all things RED. So here is a red velvet cupcake recipe with cream cheese frosting that my tasters claim was moist and soft with the perfect amount of sweetness. The cream cheese frosting creates a perfect balance with this cupcake.

red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frostingRed Velvet Cupcake with Cream Cheese Frosting 






Dulce de Leche Pie with Cream Cheese Filling

Sometimes for date night, my boyfriend and I just love to sit at a local coffee shop with a cup of coffee and dessert and enjoy each other’s company.  Our new favorite place is Intelligentsia Coffee.  I find it a friendly place where you can just sit, relax and enjoy a cup of coffee with friendly and knowledgeable baristas . You are probably thinking what does this have to do with the Dulce de Leche Cheese Pie? Well, the inspiration behind this Dulce de Leche Cheese Pie came from one of our coffee shop hangouts.  Since I am the dessert fanatic, I unnamedusually pick the dessert but this time I let him pick it out.  So he comes back with a caramel pecan pie in his hand.  I am not a big fan of a whole lot of pecans but I decided to give it a try.  When I took a bite, I fell in love with the caramel in the pie and it occurred to me that a Dulce de Leche Cheese Pie is what I need to bake. The next day I went right to my pantry and tried to put something together to create this cheese pie that I had in mind.  Let’s see how it turned out…

Simple Vanilla Cupcakes with Buttercream Nutella Frosting

I woke up Monday morning and was suddenly craving vanilla cupcakes. I did not want to give in to a quick box cupcake mix so I opened up my Pinterest app on my phone and started to search for a recipe that called my name. Sure enough, after a couple of clicks here and there, I found what I was looking for.  I took a quick glance at the listed ingredients and knew it was the one especially since I had been wanting to try using my new cake flour. So, as you might guess, I was excited to try this out.